The Republic of Belarus has a large, untapped  potential for investments in many spheres of business. Investors worldwide have  started to understand this and have recently launched many new projects here.

It is our pleasure  to invite you to Belarus and to assist  you in  the launching  of your  new venture. We have a successful track record  in assisting entrepreneurs initiate new business ventures and we are ready to assist you with   your project. We will guide you every step of the way from the beginning until the successful conclusion.

 Our services include:

  • consultation on issues of investment activities unique to  the Republic of Belarus;
  • due diligence;
  • official registration  for  tax, customs and other preferences;
  • obtaining  all necessary permissions, licenses and certificates;
  • formation of the  essential  relationships with the state bodies which are required  to succeed in Belarus;
  • arranging  financing through  Belarusian and European banking Institutions;
  • finding  investors for your business  and conducting  partnership negotiations with them.  

We are currently involved with the following investment projects in Belarus:

1. Alternative energy:

Construction of a renewable energy  manufacturing  plant.

Investor: USA.

2. Utilization of dangerous medical waste:

Building a factory for the  utilization of medical and biological waste.

Investor: Israel, Russia.

3. Processing of hard domestic waste:

Building a  factory for the processing of hard domestic waste.

Investor: Lithuania.