The successful development of the company is largely determined by minimizing and eliminating the risks caused by possible non-compliance of the business with current legislation (legal risks). In turn, minimization and elimination of legal risks is provided by experienced lawyers.

Law office "Lisitsa and partners" provide services for subscription services of economic activities of organizations.

Our services include:

- oral and written legal advice;

- an opinion on the legal status and content of any documents related to the economic activities of the Client (legal examination of documents);

- contractual work (preparation of all types of contracts, amendment (supplement) of the terms of contracts, early termination of contracts);

- claim work (preparation of claims, answers (objections) to claims);

- work with authorities (preparation of complaints about the actions of authorities and their officials, requesting documents and information, obtaining clarifications on the application of legislation);

- HR work (preparation and execution of documents required for registration of labor relations (labor contracts, orders, personal cards, job descriptions, contracts for full liability, etc.)), as well as preparation of internal documents of the client governing these labor relations ( collective agreement, provisions on bonuses, on the protection of trade secrets, internal labor regulations, staffing, vacation schedule, etc.);

- participation in negotiations of the Client with its counterparties regarding the conclusion of contracts, fulfillment of obligations under contracts, pre-trial settlement of disputes;

- representation of interests of the Client in court.