We provide a full set of services for the registration of companies in the Republic of Belarus and opening the representation of foreign companies on the territory of Belarus.

Our services include finding a judicial address for the company, finding the necessary staff for the company, adjusting the name of the company, opening various bank accounts, as well as the required registration of the company with the different state bodies. Our lawyers will advise you as to the most suitable legal form for the company which will protect the rights of the founders, and will help you form a system of management in the company as well as any other questions which might arise.

If you want to create a holding or an economical group (financial-industrial group) we can help you in this as well. Thus we are able to help you to structure your company into a holding company according to the legislation of the Republic of Belarus, to receive consent from the anti monopoly body for the creation of holding, and to secure the state registration of holding.

Our lawyers will help you in choosing the most advantageous form of formation (financial or -industrial group), its method of creation, and will suggest to you the most effective management and partnership structure.

We also provide a full set of services for the liquidation of companies. Our lawyers have significant experience in this sphere and can effectively protect your rights.